suzanna Chmielarz


Suzanna Chmielarz is an American actress born to Polish immigrant parents in North New Jersey. She is first generation American.

She has a degree in Television Production with a minor in business from Rutgers University. After college she wanted to further pursue acting, and enrolled in William Esper’s Two-Year Miesner Program in New York City. Most recently she studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC right up to its closing in March of 2020. She still regularly preforms improv with her team Fast Casual. She has starred in several roles for various Identification Discovery shows. In her latest project, she played a reporter in the film PREY.

No stranger to a hot glue gun, there’e no arts and crafts project too big or too small. Puzzles, plants and puppies are what she lives for! In her down time, you can usually find her playing with her dog Beans, buying more house plants (never enough) or attempting a new DIY project that she has to start RIGHT NOW!!